Tuball™ Coat_E

TUBALL™ COAT_E is an easy-to-use single wall carbon nanotube suspension in water, which provides permanent antistatic properties to waterborne paints and coatings with minimal impact on their color and mechanical properties.

TUBALL™ COAT is suitable for production of anti-static waterborne systems intended for the following applications:

  • Industrial ESD-contol floorings
  • Automotive conductive primers
  • ESD-control packaging

Features & Advantages

  • May be used in standart technology of paints production
  • Efficient ESD protection
  • Permanent conductivity independent of humidity
  • Ultra-low loading requied
  • Suitable for colored and transparent systems
  • Preserve or even increase mechanical properties

How It Works

When dispersed into materials, TUBALL™ SWCNTs form a fine and highly conductive network, which provides the required surface or volume conductivity, efficiently dissipating electrostatic charges to the surroundings or to the ground.

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