Tuball™ Ink

TUBALL™ INK is a water-based suspension of TUBALL™ intended for electrically conductive coatings. The suspension contains perfectly dispersed high purity single wall carbon nanotubes made by OCSiAl. It provides excellent performance with an unbeatable balance of light transmittance and surface resistivity.

TUBALL™ INK H₂O suspensions containing 0.2% of nanotubes have been created to facilitate the application of TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotubes using flexography, screen printing or rotogravure printing. Developed by OCSiAl, this ink ensures the required electrical conductivity and maintains the transparency of materials.

TUBALL INK H₂O 0.01% is also available for spray coating and ink-jet printing.

TUBALL™ on PET has unique properties of transparency for Near-IR spectra range.

Optical Transparency (for the sample of TCF Rs = 40 Ohm/sq @ 85%)

Adhesion test was passed without any losses despite the absence of binder in the formulation.

Features & Advantages

  • The cheapest alternative to ITO on PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
  • Suitable for common industrial printing methods
  • Provides required electrical conductivity while maintaining good optical performance
  • Flexibility (high bending radius of coated films)
  • High adhesion of a conductive layer to polymer substrates, no need for additional adhesives and binding agents

How It Works

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