Tuball™ Latex

TUBALL™ LATEX is a ready-to-use conductive additive for latex gloves featuring dispersed TUBALL™ nanotubes. TUBALL™ LATEX provides excellent electrical conductivity and simultaneously retains the mechanical properties and color of the elastomeric matrix. It enables manufacturers to achieve permanent and humidity independent conductivity in full compliance with the new European standard EN16350:2014.

TUBALL™ single-wall carbon nanotubes are a superior conductive additive due to their high aspect ratio and large surface area, which form interconnected networks at extremely low loadings. With effective concentrations of 0.03-0.05% (mass percentage) per solid rubber, TUBALL™ provides superior conductivity without compromising color or mechanical properties, and does not require changes to standard manufacturing processes.

Anti-Static Latex Gloves

Features & Advantages

Manufacturing With Tuball™ Latex

TUBALL™ LATEX suspensions are introduced into the mixing tank during the latex preparation stage.

Anti-Static Nitrile Latex With Tuball™

  Currently available solutions Results with TUBALL™
Specific resistivity level* 107 - 1011 Ω•m 102 - 108 Ω•m
Concentration of conductive filler 5-25% 0.03 - 0.075%
Negative impact on mechanical properties Yes No
Color Yes Yes

*Electrical resistivity measurements according to EN 1149 / 16350 standard

Natural Latex With Tuball™

TUBALL™ loaded at 0.03% (mass percentage) per solid rubber improves the mechanical properties of natural latex by 20% while retaining elastic properties, based on internal testing.

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