Tuball™ Foil

TUBALL™ FOIL is OCSIAl’s product bringing unique advantages of single wall carbon nanotubes to Li-ion battery manufacturers.

Announced in Aug 2015, TUBALL™ FOIL is aluminum or copper foil coated by very thin layer of OCSiAl’s single wall carbon nanotubes for use as a current collector in Li-ion batteries.

Key benefits of TUBALL™ FOIL are reduced impedance and improved adhesion with virtually no additional thickness. Thickness of conductive layer is <50nm.

This property is unique to SWCNT, as no other conductive additive can be coated at this thickness and provide the same benefits.


  • Lowers interface resistance by 2-10x
  • Improves adhesion, allows to decrease % binder
  • Ultrathin: less than 100nm per side; preserves high energy density
  • Can be tab welded using the same ultrasonic welder settings: no primer coating patterns are needed
  • Transparent – light hue of brown; no issues with automatic winders or other equipment on battery production line that has to detect coated edge
  • Cost–efficient

How It Works


High Power Cells

To replace thicker carbon coated aluminum or copper foil, increase cell capacity

to improve power of a batery pack

to increasse low temprature performance

High Energy Cells

to improve adhesion, decrease amont of PVDF

to extend cycle life

to improve discharge rate performance

Impedance And Performance

Impedance of graphite-LFP cells

Rate measurements of graphite-LFP cells

For Battery Applications

Test Results

Testing Cell Recipe

LFP:SP:KS-6:PVDF = 90:3:3:4, 10Ah

Cell'S Internal Resistance

BARE FOIL: 1.83 m⋅Ω

TUBALL™ FOIL: 1.3 m⋅Ω (-29%)

Regeneration Power Curve

Rate Data

Rate % more energy delivered
1C +3%
5C +8%
10C +19%
15C +30%
19C +99%

Low Temperature Discharge (Capacity Retention)

High Temperature Storage (Capacity Retention)

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