Tuball™ Matrix 601/602

TUBALL™ MATRIX 601/602 is a line of concentrates specifically designed to provide superior electrical conductivity to silicone compounds (LSR – Liquid silicone rubber, RTV – Room temperature vulcanized rubber, HCR- high consistensy rubber) while retaining mechanical properties and minimally impacting the host matrix. TUBALL™ MATRIX 601/602 concentrates are available in several matrices, are easy to handle, and can be processed using standard equipment. Depending on the TUBALL™ MATRIX 601/602 percentage in the final compound, processing conditions and other system components, the volume resistivity can be adjusted within the range of 108–102 Ω•cm.

Conductive solution for the range of silicone rubbers with extremely low concentration of conductive filler is make possible to get conductive compounds without losing their flexibility, while keeping the silicones as close to the original as possible.


  • Covered range of electrical conductivity allows for anti-static, static dissipative and conductive applications
  • Standard mixing equipment for silicones
  • Possibility to mix at “clean” facilities without the involvement of third party contractors
  • Colored ESD silicone compounds
  • High conductivity can be provided at low TUBALL™ loadings while slightly increasing viscosity, and limiting the influence on the rheological properties

Tuball™ Matrix 601

Carrier: Polydimethylsiloxane oil.

Key applications:

  • LSR (liquid silicone rubber)
  • RTV (room temperature vulcanized) silicones


Electrical conductivity.

Tuball™ Matrix 602

Carrier: Vinyl-terminatedpolydimethylsiloxane.

Key applications

  • LSR (liquid silicone rubber)
  • HCR (high consistency rubber)


Electrical conductivity.


HCR: the main applications of conductive types of this silicone are cables, conductive contacts, keyboards, various gaskets, rollers for printing equipment, conductive pads, and EMI shielding gaskets.

LSR: Indicated typical applications are electric load control units, electrodes, elements of environment control systems, cable terminals, cable connectors, and sealing elements.

RTV: electrically conductive sealants and products for EMI/RFI shielding for various applications, in particular the electronics and aerospace industries.

Lsr Silicone With Tuball™

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