Tuball™ Matrix 603

The performance of TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) in rubbers is based on creating an additional 3D network, embedded into the rubber matrix. Even low dosages have the effect of toughening the polymer, improving cohesion strength and fatigue properties, lowering hysteresis losses, and adding electrical conductivity.

TUBALL™ MATRIX 603 is a series of industrial modifiers based on TUBALL™ SWCNT and oil plasticisers.

TUBALL™ MATRIX 603 for rubber products is a versatile masterbatch designed to enhance the physical and mechanical properties of rubbers and to contribute to the required electrical conductivity properties.

The versatility of the product lies in its potential to be utilised in blends of other rubber and filler products without having to adjust the formulation and technological process.


  • TUBALL™ carbon nanotubes, carried by TUBALL™ MATRIX , enable ultralow dosage starting at 0.1%
  • Maintain or increase mechanical strength, stiffness and abrasion resistance
  • Reduction of hysteresis losses and improvement of wet grip
  • Increase of electrical conductivity
  • Without a significant increase of viscosity or density of the host material
  • TUBALL™ expands the rubber compound performance space, giving freedom to access new high performance options without using the usual geometrical, construction or material parameters, and without performance drawbacks.

Key applications:

Tuball™ Matrix 603

Carrier: Low aromatic oil-plasticiser.

  • Tyre compounds
  • Rubber based on NR, SBR


Electrical conductivity, wet grip, fuel efficiency performance, abrasion resistance.

Tyre Compounds With Tuball™

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